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Julian Melo - @jjmelo

Project Manager | Maker | Online Creative
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Hi. I’m Julian. Thanks for stopping by.


Coffee fuels my day. My favorite kind of music is garage rock and I love live shows, big and small. In my spare time design/build/fly RC planes & copters. I enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new foods. I also like taking pictures. All the pictures on this site were taken by moi.

I am Project Manager and Business Analyst, where I keep project plans, manage schedules, resources and budgets, and translate and communicate across stakeholders and teams for a variety of websites and apps. I have also worked as a digital producer, SEO analyst and IT professional. Read my professional profile at LinkedIn.


I specialize in creating engaging, beautiful and standards-compliant websites, using WordPress and html/css/js. I also have extensive experience in search engine optimization and social media management. Read more about my services and check out my professional portfolio.


I like to tinker, make, design, and fly my creations. I also like to write about technology.

The life-long hobby of designing, building and flying radio-controlled crafts. Sometimes I document my succcesses, failues and everything in between with pictures, videos and plain old words.

DigitalWiseGuy is my technology blog where I write about gadgets, start-up, the internet and random technology-related rants. I live and breath technology and have a certain Apple inclination.

UAVnotDrone is a blog that I started to dispell some of the negative connotations that the word “drone” has. Not every “drone” is used for the military and not everything that flies via remote control is a drone.

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