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From web consulting, to creating e-commerce sites, to search engine optimization, I can help you reach your online goals. You’ll find my specialties and portfolio below.
I write semantic, standards-compliant and cross-browser tested HTML, CSS and JS. I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and the latest Javascript libraries such as jquery. I prefer to write code from scratch in a simple text-based editor. Depending on the project, I will turn a site mockup into a browser-viewable document in HTML/CSS or a will design the site from scratch in Photoshop, and after client approval, turn it into HTML/CSS.
I’ll admit it: I love working with WordPress. Its my favorite web content publishing engine, not only as a blogging system, but also as a full-blown content management system (CMS), e-commerce platform and job board. I set up WordPress from scratch, with security, speed and reliability in mind, but I can also help you troubleshoot your current installation.
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a term that gets thrown around a lot, especially with promises of reaching the top pages of top search engines, but in reality, SEO isn’t just about reaching the first page of a search result: it’s about making the web a lot friendlier, more accessible, and easier to find information. The top engines reward this type of behavior by placing results on top, but this is just a by-product.
In my role as CEO of Media2Watch I brought Julian onboard to help us build the online presence for our content business. The experience has been amazing. Julian says what he does and does what he says. Almost always over-delivering. Not only does he solve the problem we identify but he’s constantly coming up with new ways to use technology to make our business better. He’s a super talent and lot of fun to work with. It’s without reservation that I recommend him. Vince Thompson

Revenue Consultant, Author, Media Entreprenuer, MiddleShift

I had pleasure working with Julian at NBC, his knowledge is not just limited to Front End but also tools like WordPress and also keen in learning any new javascript plugins and enjoyed the conversation we had while debugging many issues, I would recommend him for any web projects. Chiranjeevi Chakka

Release Manager, NBC Universal

Even in a pressure-filled environment like entertainment marketing, Julian was the rare type who would keep his composure, his eyes on the big picture, and a smile on his face. I guess it’s easy when you have awesome front-end coding skills, refined design sense and the quick thinking to hit deadlines like it ain’t no thing. That kind of unflappability is contagious and makes you feel like you should be breezing through a seemingly impossible problem along with him. Ryan Hammill

Senior Copywriter,

We used Julian Melo as a coding specialist and designer for our web site at He has a wide range of knowledge and shows imagination and energy. Most important of all, he can explain concepts to people who are only half experienced in technical complexities in a relevant way so that rational decisions can be made about a site. Try him! Gary L. Bostwick

Attorney at Law, Los Angeles Copyright Society


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